Call us for all of your microscope sales, service, and support needs!

Our Philosophy

Professionalism, integrity, quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. While our prices are most competitive, we will beat any advertised price!

Our service program ensures your instruments are in the best possible condition and working to specification for maximum optical performance.

Our Mission

The heart and soul of our business is microscope service. Our goal is to please you, our valued customer.

We service a wide variety of microscopes including: Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss as well as other brands such as American Optical (AO), Accu-Scope, Bausch & Lomb (B&L), Bristol, Cambridge, EPOI, Fisher, Jena, Leitz, Meiji, Mitutoyo, Motic, Reichert, Swift, Wesco, Wild, Unitron, Vision Engineering, VWR, Wesco and more.

What We Do

We offer full cleaning, repair, and calibration services for all brands of microscopes, optical comparators and measuring microscopes including Nikon, Olympus, Leitz, Zeiss and more.

Our in-house full-service facility is capable of repairing the most difficult alignments, overhaul, general reconditioning, restoring, etc. We carry microscope parts, bulbs, and objectives for older/hard to find microscopes.

Our Team

We maintain a diligent and disciplined team of professionals that specialize in microscopes and their repairs. We possess the necessary skills required to understand and execute upon the wants and needs of our clients thereby allowing us to provide you with the best quality possible.